If Conservatives Had Their Way

Imagine our country without the following:

National parks, national forests or wilderness areas

Restrictions on the content of our food and drugs.

Child labor laws

Social Security protection

Marshall Plan, or UN or NATO membership

Equal racial and gender opportunity, including the right to vote

Interstate highway system


Medicare, Medicaid, veterans health care

Product safety laws

Anti-pollution laws

Privacy rights

Mining safety laws

Would it still be the America you know and love?


At one time or another conservatives opposed all of the above – and a whole lot more.


This is NOT about the Democratic Party vs. Republican Party. Until two or three decades ago both parties had liberals and conservatives, and plenty of “Republicrats”. Critics called the parties Tweedledum and Tweedledee, but you have to wonder how bad this really was. We were better off as a nation because both parties could consider and filter out untenable ideas on both the right and the left. It usually made for a more moderate and accommodating climate. All that began to change within our own lifetimes.


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