The Pro-Republican News Media


The concept of the “Liberal Media” is a myth  —

 and has always been a myth.

 The various news media are clearly and unmistakably



Consider this:


1.      According to a July 2007 poll by the Center for American Progress, 91% of commercial,  political talk radio is conservative and pro-Republican. When you throw in Christian broadcasting, such as James Dobson's "Focus on the Family" radio spots, the percentage climbs higher.


2.      Of the four major broadcast networks only one has an obvious editorial line: Fox News, which is blatantly pro-Republican. Even its owner Rupert Murdoch is unwilling to deny this, claiming somewhat insincerely that bias is in the eye of the beholder.


3.      If the other three (CBS, ABC, NBC) are so liberal, how does one explain their excessively if not zealously harsh treatment of Clinton and Carter? Bill Clinton, who was perhaps the most attacked president in recent history, is the only recent president not to have been given the customary 100 days "honeymoon" by the political opposition and news media at the start of his first term.


4.      Furthermore, how does one explain these so-called liberal networks’ uncritical treatments of Reagan through the first six years of his presidency, until the Iran- Contra Scandal, when it took a more aggressive stance? Or, George W. Bush who essentially got a free ride until he decided to invade Iraq?


5.      Daily newspapers have almost always endorsed Republican presidential candidates over the Democratic candidates and by substantial margins.


6.   Only twice since 1932 have a majority of newspapers endorsed the Democratic candidate:

            – 1964 (LBJ over Goldwater).

            – 1992 (Clinton over George H. W. Bush).

            – How does that fit into the “Liberal Media” scheme?


6.      Observe the polls, taken from a Harvard University website:




7.      The conclusion is clear:


                "The liberal Media" is pro-Republican.